Validate influencers with confidence

According to industry studies, at least 15% of advertising spend on influencer marketing is lost due to fraudulent behavior, amounting to 1.3 billion dollars annually. This is a problem not only financially but also discredits an otherwise successful budding marketing discipline. We use machine learning to identify influencer affinity for brands and patterns that predict how successful an influencer will be working with you. Fake and phony accounts will be spotted as well as poor performers. This way you can confidently make decisions on your content creation partner knowing that his or her audience is real, active and has an affinity to your brand.

We don’t support fraudulent behavior. It won’t get you the ROI you are expecting.

Get all the stats you need about an influencer to make sound decisions on content creator collaborations. Find bad apples within the influencer industry and see who are using fake followers, suspicious follow- and unfollow habit to artificially inflate the follower numbers.

Get confident about your influencer marketing strategies and campaigns and begin benchmarking so you can get better and better in delivering real business results.