Our powerful core features at a glance

The World's Largest and Most Dynamic Talent Database at Your Fingertips

Our powerful open data source taps into any influencer on the planet starting on the nano influencer level. The cross platform coverage capabilities allow you to cover all major social networks in ONE easy to use platform. These features allow brands to conceptualize and implement automated 360 degree marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Find Your Ideal Influencer

Get close to your target audience by discovering the influencer who is right for your brand. Our most popular and engaged influencers are already indexed for you and can be vetted by their latest posts on various channels using over 50 customizable filters. Neural networks and data allow you to analyze content on a visual level.

Fraud Detection Filters Identify Bad Apples

Our insight-driven talent selection system makes it easy to validate influencers. You can filter out suspicious accounts, if bots are being used, detect behavioral anomalies like follow/unfollow tactics and participation of engagement pods.  You will be able to make sounds decisions based on data and  work with influencers that take their profession seriously. We honor those professional content creators with a credibility score.

Streamline Multiple Campaigns

Build and track entire integrated Influencer Campaigns and manage your influencer relations with our end-to-end IRM (Influencer Relationship Management) tool. You can manage multiple campaigns with one or as many influencers you like. You can build lists and groups that let’s you easily benchmark campaigns and influencers at scale.

Manage Postings

Never lose sight of the intricacies and complexity content creation. Collaborate with teammates, influencers and/or clients, consolidate approval processes and communicate with all stakeholders at the right time. Take control over multiple moving parts of every aspect of your influencer campaigns and stay on top of planned and unplanned tasks.

Performance Driven Deployment

Our real-time dashboard extracts all relative social activities on all channels you deploy your influencer campaign. Collect engagement rates, conversions, earned media, budget spend and much more. Put insights to your campaign budget and relate them to your overarching business goals. You will gain actionable insights of your social growth, total media value, and indications of your ROI.