The next generation of influencer marketing is AI-enabled

We built a marketing suite that uses machine learning, is based on statistical mathematics, and social listening capabilities to get brands where thy want to be on social media – with their target audience.

Our algorithms match brand campaigns with the perfect influencers detecting audience brand affinity, demographics like gender, age,  location, interests, and much much more.

Taking the guesswork out of your influencer search

Influencer marketing is growing up. As the only marketing discipline that delivers results at scale, the space is getting crowded. Brands find it harder and harder to find the right influencers that is a unique fit. Big influencers are being over used and become less effective on a local level. It takes two to tango, and the creative process of an influencer campaign that will bring the best ROI for a marketer should be equally fluid as the passionate dance.

The powerful 1nfluencersmarketing Search Engine uses advanced filters that allow you to sift through millions of data points and focus on those who are relevant to you.